Sensitive Skin

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A sensitive skin has a poor defense system against aggressions.


-Redness / irritation
-Blotchy areas
-Broken capillaries (couperose)
-Hot, tight, discomfort feeling
-Reacts to weather changes, alcohol, food, stress
-The skin requires products to reinforce its own defense mechanisms in order to prevent further aggressions, whilst soothing and calming the skin.


To protect and sooth your fragile, delicate skin:

A lifesaver for all sensitive, stressed weakened or troubled skin. This product line centres around the benefits of a combination of active ingredients: silk and almond extracts; yeast peptides and shea butter – to name a few.
The range offers a combination of synergistic effects cooling, calming, clarifying and strengthening.

Your complexion rapidly recovers its glow, looking less congested or irritated!
As your skin is easily irritated, it is prone to redness or to reactions or discomfort, it is thin and lacks suppleness. SERENITE offers a line of complementary products that provide on-going protection against all types of stress factors, while at the same time helping maintain your skin’s naturally fine texture and beauty