Vital Feeling Exfoliating Body Gel 200ml

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Product Description

Suitable for all skin types

Bamboo powder for exfoliation, beads of jojoba for gentle care, a melting gel to delight the senses. This exfoliating gel has a triple action. It cleanses, exfoliates and softens the skin. Skin texture is refined. Skin is perfectly smooth and soft and has gained a new vitality.


  • Dermotonyl (Lotus extract), tonifying and firming effect
  • HSP (Heat Shock Protein), protects the skin
  • Complex of moisturizing agents, hydration
  • Soft cleansing complex, eliminates impurities gently
  • Exfoliating bamboo powder, exfoliates effectively and in depth by eliminating dead cells
  • Exfoliating softening jojoba pearls, exfoliate gently and release softening jojoba wax
  • Sweet almond oil, softens the skin

How to use
Apply 2 or 3 times a week on damp skin, working in light circular smoothing motions and paying special attention to rough areas. Rinse thoroughly.


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