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All Skin Types

A 7-day intensive treatment with an intense detoxifying action makes your skin radiant and optimizes the efficacy of your daily skin-care creams.

WHO IS IT FOR? Women aged 20 years and older, tired and devitalized skin.

Fermentation of Candida saitoana : DETOXIFYING ACTION

Hyaluronic acid
+ Glycol derivatives
+ Sweet almond oil

Keratoline + AHA (apple extract)

Instant action:
Helps make the skin more radiant
7-day action:
Dual peeling: chemical and enzymatic
➔ Gentle exfoliation, stimulation of cell renewal, smoothed skin
➔ Deep-down
Vitamin C + peptide from spelt wheat
Lupin peptide
Anti-oxidant Action (same as ACTIV ECLAT):
Cell protection: reduces damage caused by oxidative stress
➔ Brightens the complexion, de-stresses the skin
Boosts microcirculation: stimulates VEGF (Vascular Epidermal
Growth Factor) production and supplies oxygen
➔ Pinker complexion

How to use
morning and evening under your daily skin-care cream, instead of your usual serum for 7 days.


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