Dehydrated Skin

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Well-hydrated skin contains 70% moisture: around two-thirds inside the cell and one-third on the surface. This balnace is regulated by molecules that are naturally present in the skin, osmolytes which “capture” moisture and aquaporines which “transit” moisture.

When the skin suffers stresses (wind, sun, pollution, differences in temperature etc.), this ideal level of moisture or “osmotic balance” is upset. To re-establish good hydration, Gatineau has developed exclusive Osmaporine technology, a complex of active ingredients taken from a marine algae and a marine plant, both selected for their defensive capacity against the dehydrating stresses in their environment. This technology aims to maintain the ideal moisture content inside the skin, specifically provides the right “osmotic balance”, and to facilitate hydration levels.


-Tightness – rough texture
-Rough skin texture
-Dull skin
-Fine surface lines
-Tight pores
-Matte, dry
-Sometimes sensitive (irritated)