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Age Benefit™

Brimming with energy, glowing with femininity and self-confidence, in today’s world women in their 50’s feel modern and in tune with their era and their environment. They do not consider themselves as old and feel that the previous generations of women over 50 did not have the same occupations as those of today. The mature years constitute a fruitful period that one should aspire to and fully enjoy. Feeling good about their age, they no longer seek to turn back the clock but boast a serene and confident beauty, while declaring: “I feel better about myself today than when I was 20. I feel more confident and more attractive”. They are seductive and want to be found attractive.

Hence, the myth of eternal youth is over. There is a more positive attitude to aging and being young is no longer a societal obligation. A new generation of mature women has emerged!

In view of the many consequences of hormonal aging, the AGE BENEFIT™skin care range offers a comprehensive approach which integrates recent advances in the field of anti-aging. AGE BENEFIT™ targets the causes of endogenous aging, in other words, the causes of the malfunctioning of the elements regulating overall tissue homeostasis.

The slowing down of the cell regeneration process is one of the main causes of skin aging. With age, the cell exchanges diminish and the slowing down in the synthesis of structural proteins manifests itself by skin which loses its elasticity and becomes dull with noticeable wrinkles. Based on recent scientific progress, AGE BENEFIT™ targets a class of substances that are very much involved in skin aging and which have not been particularly emphasized until now: the “growth factors”.