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The ageing process is the result of the accumulation of cellular damage within the skin. With age, cell turnover is reduced by 30%. Despite this, cells carry on their keratinisation process which, overall leads to less suppleness, less moisturisation and a non smoothed skin.
Gatineau’s challenge was to find a way to preserve a more youthful appearance of the epidermis. A new anti-ageing molecule was designed, inspired by the study of Melatonin. A new molecule was born: it has the ability to slow down the keratinisation process, hence maintaining the epidermis supple, moist and providing a smoother skin.
An award winning revolution in anti – ageing technology. Cellular regeneration and health are regulated as the skin is bought back to a state of self – control.
The skin cells regenerate more regularly, their texture will be smoother and clearer.
Take your skin backwards to a younger tomorrow!

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