Madame Jeanne Gatineau

Madame Jeanne Gatineau
The history of this well respected brand begins in 1885 with the birth of an extraordinary Frenchwoman Madame Jeanne Gatineau who devoted her entire life to beauty. She opened her first beauty salon in Paris in 1937 working in close collaboration with doctors and dermatologists to develop her first line of skincare products. In 1950 the first Jeanne Gatineau Beauty School was opened in Paris, where Jeanne Gatineau shared her wealth of knowledge with hundreds of students, teaching them about the skin, the wonders of creams and the Gatineau techniques.

The success of that first salon was the beginning of a series of firsts for the brand name of Gatineau – with many of its products being ahead of their time. Gatineau was the first skincare house to develop exfoliants and slimming creams and the first to discover and put to use the benefits of various antioxidants in skincare, such as green tea, and vitamins A, E and F.


Why Gatineau is a World Leader in Professional Skin Care…

The multi-award winning and world renowned Hormomasque facial is just one of the many Gatineau treatments which has achieved international recognition throughout the years and is still winning awards, the most recent in 1998.

Gatineau is the first skincare house to discover and implement the benefits of Caffeine to encourage cellular detoxification, drainage and radiance enhancement in skincare.

Gatineau is the first to launch a successful retinol cream and the first gel moisturiser.


Feminessence is launched as the world’s first skincare range designed in conjunction with gynaecologists and dermatologists to address hormonal changes in menopausal skins.

Gatineau launches Laser, the first cosmetic product based on light captors which mimics the resurfacing effects of Laser without photosensitivity, burning or irritation.


Gatineau wins the prestigious Oscar Award for MELATOGENINE™. Gatineau, the first once again, created an exclusive molecule that promotes the youth of the cells, and delivered in an avant-garde patented formula MELATOGENINE™.

Gatineau Laboratories creates Melatogenine™ facial. This avante-garde treatment which works on the three dimensions of the face also won a prestigious International award.

Award winning innovation with the development of Defi Lift 3D™, an exclusive complex of active ingredients that produces a genuine lift in 3 dimensions within the epidermis.

Gatineau Laboratories launches Defi Lift Cream and Defi Lift Eye containing Botufix. The first dual action skincare formula combining a lift effect with a dermo-relaxing action.


Launch of Melatogenine ™ Suncare – a new breakthrough in technology.
Launch of DEFI LIFT 3D™ Radiance Lift – Intensive Facial Treatment.
Extension to the existing range.
DEFI LIFT 3D™ Throat and Décolleté Lift Cream.
DEFT LIFT 3D™ Instant Radiance with Botufix.
Relaunch – Gatineau Whitening Range – a new generation of Whitening products. Improved technology, upgraded concept and multifunctional approach.

Reformulation of the Nutriactive range with Omega 3, 6, 9.
Introduction of the first HIGH TOLERANCE professional Homecare skin renewing system. 3 weeks, 3 steps for a new skin.


MELATOGENINETM FUTUR PLUS. An anti-aging breakthrough. Gatineau revisits his masterpiece of technology and continues to improve to perfection offering men and women age 40 plus the ultimate in anti-age skincare with the Melatogenine Futur Plus.

Gatineau believes that combining science and nature will achieve the best results. That means using the best of all sources, such as plant and marine extracts and harnessing the most innovative biotechnology. Gatineau works with dermatologists, Scientists, Beauty Therapists and Physiotherapists to develop an elite range of skincare products. Gatineau concentrate on one defining principle, to create the best and most effective skincare and treatments to deliver the desired result.

“Our aim is to understand the needs of our clients, to meet those needs and then exceed them”.


Every day your skin is subjected to harmful external factors (UV exposure, tobacco, pollution) which makes it dull and gradually tires it, thus depriving it of its natural glow. Its surface thickens and progressively darkens, which prevents it from being fully radiant. To help it regain its natural glow GATINEAU Laboratories have designed ACTIV ECLAT, a complete range of skin care which gives energy, clarity and brightness to dull, tired-looking skin.

MelatogenineTM Force Collagen Combining Melatogenine TM technology this triple action “Force collagen” helps stimulate the strength, vitality and longevity of collagen fibres. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is progressively reduced and the face appears ‘younger for longer’

GATINEAU Laboratories have created THE high-tech solution with the DEFI LIFT 3D range to give your face a sculpted and more youthful look with the new PERFECT DESIGN cream.

GATINEAU launched VITAL FEELING, a true vital force for the body, this 4 product range, based on the firming ingredient of lotus extract combines efficacy and well-being for regaining a firm and attractive body.

GATINEAU has chosen to use both techniques, a chemical peeling and microdermabrasion, in a single professional facial: Peeling Expert –Dermabrasion Skin Renewal Facial. The synergy of these 2 chemical and then mechanical exfoliations yields greater efficacy and optimum skin care.

After a successful launch of a new body care range, GATINEAU enlarges the VITAL FEELING range with 3 new products in 2009:

  • A bust concentrate
  • A refreshing leg gel
  • A regenerating beauty oil

GATINEAU Laboratories have enlarged the Perfect Design range with 2 new products in 2009:

  • Volume Concentrate
  • Revolumising lip care