How can I reduce redness?

Redness is often a result of a condition called couperose. Couperose is characterized by diffused redness and/or small broken capillaries. These usually appear on the cheeks, the side of the nose and sometimes on the chin.

Over a period of time the capillary walls become weak, lose their elasticity and stay dilated, storing blood, which presents itself as diffused redness. If we don’t strengthen the capillary walls, constrict the capillaries and push the blood through they will eventually break, hence the final stage of couperose, broken capillaries.

The Serenite Anti-Redness Cream which contains the Serenite Active Technology has a two-dimensional action: Micropatches, releasing protective and soothing ingredients on the skin’s surface and Microspheres, working to diminish the appearance of skin reaction “deep down” from the very moment it starts developing. The active ingredients rapidly soothe the epidermis and give it long lasting protection by strengthening the skin’s barrier and reducing skin reactivity.

Incorrect product use as well as insufficeint hydration and protection can exacerbate the problem.

How often should I have a facial?

Once a month is recommended. The skin cells take about 28 days to reach the surface so once a month it is beneficial to deep cleanse and remove impurities from the pores. Your skin care expert can recommend the proper home care agenda as well as help you maintain your skin’s well-being.

How can I stop the shiny and oily look on my skin?

Oily skin is generally the result of an imbalance of the sebaceous (oil) glands, where it produces too much oil.
Often hereditary, an oily skin can be made worse by aggravating factors. For example, a hot and humid climate, incorrect skin care products etc.
to efficiently treat an oily skin the following guidelines are necessary:
• Gentle regular cleansing, avoiding aggressive products
• In-depth rebalancing
• Moisturising

Try: Clear and Perfect Concentrate underneath Clear and Perfect Emulsion.

Why should I use a specific cream for around the eyes?

Eyes can blink up to 10,000 times a day! The eye contour area is very delicate with no sebaceous glands to naturally re-moisturise the skin, therefore, we need to add moisture. Eye cream is specifically formulated to reduce irritation and help reduce puffiness. Gatineau has developed a range of products and treatments specifically formulated to treat your concerns.

How do I layer my products?

Firstly, on a well cleansed and toned skin, use serum, then eye cream or gel, then moisturising cream or emulsion. Finish with a sunscreen or foundation. Leave 5-10 minutes between each stage to ensure the products absorb efficiently.

What are skin-brightening products? Can they erase dark spots on my skin?

The main purpose is to help reduce the appearance of minor pigmentation flaws, moisturise and mattify and provide a lifting effect through our exclusive three step action:
1. To help exfoliate dead cells filled with pigment.
2. To help reduce pigmentation production from the source.
3. To help boost clear melanin production and assist in the reduction of pigmentation.
By providing the skin with protection against UV aggressors, your complexion will be lightened, brightened and clearer, restoring a radiant complexion, without a bleaching agent.

Try: whitening Skin Lighteing Serum, Whiteing skin Ligheting Facial Scrub

Is there a product I can use on my face after waxing, laser or epilation?

Try our Ultra calming Serenite Anti-Redness Cream to sooth and protect. A veritable skin care treatment against red blotches, this fresh and light emulsion easily relieves skin suffering from redness, day and night.

  • Inhipase (kudzu extract), Delivers intense soothing action. Helps strengthen the skin’s natural defenses
  • Vitamin B3 precursor, Helps diminish skin reactivity
  • Betapur (Boldo extract), Offers immediate calming action