Defi Lift 3D™ Eye Contour Cream
  • Defi Lift 3D™ Eye Contour Cream
  • 15ml
  • Anti Ageing -all Skin Types
  • $120.00
This complete day and night eye contour care has a triple rejuvenating action:
Dermo-relaxing action: the avant-garde active Botufix helps soothe micro-tensions in the epidermis, which cause the expression lines.
Cosmetic action: an exclusive blend of the DefiLIFT 3D actives helps smooth and tone the delicate skin of the eye contour
Relieves congestion: an active yeast extract helps relieve congestion resulting in a reduction of puffiness and dark circles.
The eye contour is smoothed, lifted and visibly younger looking
  • Peptilift an exclusive complex plant proteins- For immediate 3D effect
  • Almond proteins for surface tightening
  • Wheat protein for in depth tightening
  • Encapsulated soya peptides for firming action
  • Fixlift an exclusive molecule weaving a veil over the epidermis for long lasting lift effect -
  • Combination of natural polysaccharides and Vitamin F to hold the lifting effect
  • Complex of Vitamin A, E and F to stimulate cellular renewal
  • Densilift + Orgalift to help rebuild the skins support system and improving the firmness and density
  • Wheat extract and soya and corn proteins
  • Botufix to relax the skin tension to minimize expression lines
  • A synthesized peptide mimicking the effects of kwava
  • How to use
    Apply cream morning and evening, around the orbital bone that circulates the eye socket.

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